Ethafoam is non-crosslinked Polyethylene closed cell foam capable of withstanding significant impacts and loadings. It’s light in weight yet strong and resilient. Ideally suited for projects requiring:

  • Shock absorption
  • Vibration dampening
  • Insulating
  • Buoyancy
  • Chemical inertness

Sheets of white and black Ethafoam

More About Ethafoam

We supply the foam in long sheets cut to thickness as required. It can be fabricated into a vast range of shapes, profiles and component pieces.

The foam has excellent water resistance and is impervious to most chemicals. It is not abrasive and performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures.

Manufactured as a semi-rigid extruded plank in a solid single thickness up to 100mm. It is not made by laminating thin sections of material together. The result is a strong long-lasting product.

Ethafoam cut to required sheet thickness

Ethafoam is a versatile product and suits a variety of applications. Used for cushioning and impact protection, many road and equipment cases are fitted with Ethafoam. It’s ideal for fabricating into protective cushion pieces for freighting computers, monitors and other sensitive goods.

Popular for the handling and conservation of historical and valuable items, Ethafoam has proven to be chemically inert. Our customers who choose Ethafoam for the storage, processing and transportation of precious items include The Australian Museum, National Gallery of Victoria, Museum of Contemporary Art and MONA in Tasmania.

Ethafoam fabricated into profiles components.

Basic Specifications and Images

Ethafoam220 PropertyValue
Material TypePolyethylene (PE)
Cell TypeClosed-cell non-cross linked
Foam Density35.2 kg/m3
Colours AvailableBlack or White
Sheet Length2750 mm
Sheet Widths610mm or 1220mm
Sheet Thickness – max / min100mm / 3mm
Country of manufactureUSA
Road case outfit using Ethafoam
Ethafoam fabricated into protective packaging components.


Detailed specifications and test data.

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Other Foam Products

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Safety Data Sheet.