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ETHAFOAM 220 is a medium density, non cross linked Polyethylene (PE) closed cell foam that is capable of withstanding significant impacts and loadings. It is light weight, yet strong and resilient. Ideally suited as a component material in projects requiring some or all of these characteristics;

  • shock absorption
  • vibration dampening
  • insulating
  • buoyancy

More about ETHAFOAM 220

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We supply ETHAFOAM in long sheets cut to thickness as required. It can be fabricated into a vast range of shapes, profiles and component pieces.

ETHAFOAM 220 has excellent water resistance characteristics, is impervious to most chemicals and is non-abrasive. It performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures.

ETHAFOAM 220 is manufactured in a semi-rigid extruded plank in a single solid thickness up to 100mm. It is not made by laminating thin sections of material together. The result is a much stronger product than many others.

Popular Uses for ETHAFOAM 220

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ETHAFOAM is a versatile product suiting many different applications. It is popular as a cushioning component in packaging situations. Many road cases, equipment cases and specialty cases are fitted with ETHAFOAM 220. It is ideal for fabricating into protective cushion pieces for freighting computers, monitors and other sensitive goods. The foam is also widely used by Museums and Art Galleries for the storage and conservation of historic and valuable items. It is used as the core material in surf boards, boogie boards and lifesaving equipment.

Basic Specifications & Images

ETHAFOAM 220 Property
Material Type Polyethylene (PE)
Cell Type Closed Cell non cross linked
Foam Density 35.2 kg/m3
Colours Available Black or White
Sheet Length - maximum 2800 mm
Sheet Width - commonly supplied 600 mm
Sheet Thickness - maximum/minimum 100mm/3mm
Country of manufacture USA
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    Read about the Sealed Air acquisition of ETHAFOAM from The Dow Chemical Company in November 2007.

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