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Metro Foam supplies a range of flexible and semi-rigid closed cell foam to industry, small business and individual customers around Australia. We offer sheets or blocks of foam ready to use in your projects. We also fabricate the foam into custom shapes, profiles or pieces that you need.

Closed Cell Foam Specialists

Focusing on Closed Cell Foam, we stock a vast range of materials including Polyethylene Foam and EVA Foam in different densities and colours. Another popular item is Ethafoam 220 as well as Deck Tread, Surf Grip and Polyethylene Tubing.

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We supply specialist closed cell foams like anti-static products for static control solutions and fire retardant foam suitable for use in the Aviation and Australian Defence Industries.

We also keep a complete range of Polyurethane Foam for cushions, mattresses and Packaging Foam applications.

Experience Counts

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With over 40 years of experience in the foam industry, our staff partner with you to provide the right solutions. We have the knowledge to source material from any domestic or international manufacturer, and access to machinery and equipment to shape the foam, no matter how complex the profile.

From the supply of a few sheets of Closed Cell Foam for a weekend job through to a large commercial project requiring a specific mix of materials cut and shaped to exacting specifications, Metro Foam can assist you.

Information, Specifications & Contact

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Our site contains information and documents for some of the most popular Closed Cell Foam. Take a look over the site and collect information. Because the range of materials available is vast, perhaps you might like to complete a contact form. We can then get in touch with you to discuss your project, supply samples of material and offer you a competitive quotation.

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