Closed Cell Foam

Metro Foam – Quality Closed Cell Foam

Based in Sydney, Metro Foam offers closed cell foam to industry and individual customers around Australia. 

Popular products include polyethylene and EVA foam in different densities and colours.

Ethafoam is an archival grade foam. Museums and art galleries use Ethafoam in the storage and transportation of precious items.

Blocks of closed cell foam

Closed Cell Foam Specialists

With specialist cutting equipment onsite, we accurately cut the foam into sheets, blocks or strips. Furthermore, we can fabricate the foam into complex shapes and profiles.

The building industry uses our products extensively, including specialty items like polyethylene foam tubing and backing rod profiles.

Anti-static options are useful for static control solutions. Similarly, our fire retardant closed cell foam products are helpful in the aviation and Australian defence industries.

Metro Foam offers a complete range of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is used for cushions, mattresses and in packaging applications. We can supply foam seating for an entire restaurant or cut replacement foam pieces for your sofa at home.

Our clients include Character Costumes who use the foam to manufacture costumes and mascots. Likewise, the foam is perfect for people creating Cosplay costumes and accessories.

Closed cell foam is useful in unique ways. For example, Sydney City Marine use polyethylene foam as large pads to protect the hulls of boats as they lift them from the water for maintenance.

Complex shapes from closed cell foam

Experience Counts

With over 40 years in the foam industry, we work with you to provide the correct solutions. We know where to source any foam. Most importantly, we have access to machinery and equipment to shape the foam, no matter how complex the profile.

We can help with a few sheets of closed cell foam for a weekend job right through to a large commercial project requiring a specific mix of materials cut and shaped to exact specifications. With this in mind please contact us with your needs. We look forward to assisting you.

Cutting exact thickness of closed cell foam sheets.